Frequently Asked Questions about Surrogate Partner Therapy

Enter the world of your sexuality safely, lovingly and at your pace.

Is surrogate partner therapy legal?

There are currently no laws for or against surrogate partner therapy. Please refer to the International Professional Surrogates Association website for more information.

Isn’t surrogate partner therapy just prostitution?

Absolutely not! SPT is a therapeutic model of healing created by Masters & Johnson decades ago. The goal of SPT is to heal a client presenting one or more dysfunctions related to sexuality and intimacy. By working as a triad (client, therapist, surrogate partner) the client is more able to work through healing whichever identified dysfunctions are diagnosed by the therapist. It has shown an 80% effectiveness rate which is significantly more effective than just talk therapy.

How do I get the process started?

There are several different ways depending on your situation.

  1. You already have a therapist – Have your therapist contact IPSA to determine if your case is appropriate for surrogate work. They can then put them in touch with an adequate SPT. Or, the therapist can contact a certified surrogate directly and figure out the details.
  2. You don’t have a therapist – You can contact me and I can recommend a therapist who can work with you or i can contact IPSA for a referral if I don’t know a therapist in your area.
  3. Your therapist doesn’t believe in SPT – If you feel that SPT is the right path for you, but your current therapist is uncomfortable (they are human too) with SPT then IPSA can refer you to a therapist if it is appropriate.

Can I skip the therapist?

No. This healing modality can not exist without all three participating. A therapist is critical to objectively observe and advise as the relationship between the client and SPT blooms. The SPT is not immune to the emotions of the relationship either. The therapist will constantly monitor all of that.

I’m not located in Colorado. Can I still work with you?

I’m nervous. Is that normal?

Who wouldn’t be. Creating a relationship is incredibly vulnerable. That is where the SPT does his best work because he will be there for you regardless of any missteps along the way and that is why we work in conjunction with a therapist. The therapist will help us navigate the relationship pitfalls that many won’t even look at.

Also, could the nervousness be giddiness? Enjoy the excitement butterflies as the relationship unfolds.

What happens if I fall in love?

Then you get to experience one of the most pleasant treasures of being human. That is what relationship is all about and the SPT will help to model the generation of a functional and beautiful relationship. We will also model a positive conscious closing of a relationship once you have reached your goal and have nothing left to accomplish. There is no need to go through a bitter breakup process ever.

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