How Does SPT Work

Enter the world of your sexuality safely, lovingly and at your pace.

Masters and Johnson Introduce Surrogate Partner TherapyHow did it come about?

Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT) was created in the 60’s by Masters & Johnson as a way to work through relationship and sexuality issues for those without partners. Therapy is good it can only go so far before practical application is required and often there were patients that weren’t in a position explore further without a partner. As a result surrogates were introduced to help those clients progress to the next steps. While initially met with skepticism Masters & Johnson were able to show an 80% success rate in overcoming sexual dysfunction as compared to 25% through regular talk therapy.

How do Surrogates work?

The surrogate’s role is to work in conjunction with a therapist and the client. The surrogate works with the therapist to diagnose and treat the clients issue(s) by walking through a Dan Surrogate Partner Imageseries of exercises that teach the client skills they need to be more effective socially and sexually. The initial session will be the therapist, surrogate and client together. This session is designed to get to know each other and identify the goals for the work to come. All following sessions are one-on-one between the client and surrogate, the client and therapist. During the course of treatment surrogate and therapist will consult with each other to identify how the sessions went and where they should probably go next. At all times the client will have final say in what is to transpire for the session.

There are four stages to surrogate partner therapy

  1. Building and Repairing the Foundation
  2. Whole Body Sensual Connection
  3. Genital Connection
  4. Closure

With Surrogate Partner Therapy you can have the whole world in your hands.What can be expected from the Surrogate Partner?

The surrogate partner’s role is to model a loving and nurturing relationship. As this relationship grows you can count on the surrogate to support you through each step of the way only when you are ready and with complete caring. We are here to hold your hand through each step of the process and ensure that when you trip we are their to catch you.

Is it appropriate for you to use a surrogate partner?

Surrogate partners are are valuable when a woman has worked through everything they can with talk therapy and is ready to adventure to the next step. Women dealing with social anxiety issues, for example, can slowly relax with a surrogate knowing they are aware of the anxiety and can remain present for you.

Clients often seek out a surrogate partners for issues ranging from general social anxiety to specific sexual dysfunctions. Some of the more common issues include, but not limited to:

  • problematic relationships
  • medical conditions
  • negative body image or physical disfigurement
  • sexual physical or emotional abuse
  • trauma (rape or incest for example)
  • confusion about sexual orientation
  • lack of social or sexual self-confidence
  • difficulties with orgasmic release
  • difficulties with penetration
  • lack of experience
  • fear of intimacy,
  • shame or anxiety regarding sex
  • low levels of arousal
  • lack of sexual desire

Surrogates partners create love saving rescueWhat You Will Do with Dan in Surrogate Partner Therapy

Dan works at your pace and never pushes you beyond what you are ready to learn and experience. He believes it is your birthright to have a wonderful sexual experience complete with orgasm, passion and sensuality. He will use his skills to listen to your needs and only provide experiences that you can build on for the future.

Selecting an appropriate surrogate partner

If you are looking for a surrogate partner, it is best to work with those trained by the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA). IPSA is the only professional training program available in the United States and has been operating since the 1970’s. IPSA requires all of its members to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. This ensures Creating-the-relationship-of-your-dreams-through-surrogate-partner-therapythe surrogate partner is following a professionally designed program with the highest level of integrity in the industry. Not every one has gone through IPSA, so beware of those with inadequate training.

While adequate training is important, physical appearance and age are usually aren’t when selecting a surrogate partner. Setting a level of expectation with a client can be valuable when they begin to look for their own “real-life” partnerships.

Where can I learn more?

The International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA) is the organization that trains surrogate partners and describes the process at their web page What is Surrogate Partner Therapy.

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